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Families choose Liberty Classical Academy for a variety of reasons. Some are moving (or even running) away from something and others are coming toward a better fit for their family. Some are drawn in by their alignment with Liberty Classical's values and perspectives. Others recognize that their children are capable of much more than other educational settings are offering. Whatever it is you're looking for in education, Liberty provides a rich combination of distinctives not found anywhere else.

The more conversations we're having with parents and partners, the more we see the need to share the things that are truly unique about Liberty Classical Academy...

So, over the course of this school year, we're going to draw special attention to some of Liberty's most exceptional distinctives. Our hope is that these articles and resources give you a deeper dive into all that Liberty is pouring into our students. Beyond that, we hope that you will share them with family and friends; that you'll be able to bring others into the conversation about why and how Liberty Classical Academy stands firm in its core values and educational methods.

Look for articles, blogs, and ideas as they are unpacked over the course of our school year together. We hope they give you renewed excitement for the one-of-a-kind education children receive at Liberty.

Liberty Distinctive #2: Latin

Latin – A dead language or the foundation for a wider, deeper engagement with the world around us? Why we teach Latin at Liberty Classical Academy.

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Liberty Distinctive #1: The Classical Method

Classical – It’s in our name and in the structure of each day, integrating an understanding of Latin and Socratic discussion alongside Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

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What Sets Liberty Classical Academy Apart

Over the course of the school year, we are going to highlight Liberty’s most exceptional distinctives–the very characteristics that set Liberty apart–and we look forward to sharing them with all of you!

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