Grammar School

GRAMMAR School at Liberty Classical

A Firm Foundation

Kindergarten through 5th Grade is where the tools that students will use for the rest of their lives for learning are taught and nurtured.

  • Reading: pure phonics with some whole language
  • Literature: classic, interesting books at highest ability level; comprehension emphasized
  • Math: basic facts, concepts and functions; ability grouped for challenge
  • Grammar, vocabulary and spelling
  • Penmanship and cursive
  • Global world history (Ancient: 1st and 5th; Medieval: 2nd, Renaissance: 3rd, Modern: 4th)
  • Science: discrete subjects (Life Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics)
  • Art and Music: execution and creativity; major styles linked to historical periods above
  • Band: 4th and 5th
  • Latin: 3rd through 5th
  • Develop a love for and trust in God’s Word

Teaching with Joy

Liberty’s classrooms are energetic, creative, and focused.  We use multi-sensory methods:

  • Songs, chants, sound-offs
  • Games, skits
  • Manipulatives, hands-on exploration, experiments
  • Art projects
  • Science Fair
  • Speech Meet, Class Drama

Proven Results

Each year, Liberty’s students consistently score in the top 30% of students nationwide – the majority of them in the top 10-15%! (Rather than use the lower bar of state tests, Liberty has selected the respected Stanford Standardized Achievement Test.)

The math concepts taught in each grade are generally a grade level higher than most other schools

Reading levels are frequently multiple grade levels ahead